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Complete packing line for vegetables

Second-hand weighing and packing line

Machine ID: S104-018-Cabinplant Bagging line

Manufacturer: Cabinplant, Ishida and CFS

Year of manufacture: various

Line consisting of one bin tipper,

one bulk feeder/elevator,

one rime separator,

one metal detector/inspection conveyor for bulk product,

one Ishida 12-head multihead weigher for max 2.5 kg per dump,

one CFS Smart Packer CX 360 bagging machine, SOLD OUT!!

one Safeline metal detector for bags,

one check weigher,

one Endoline case erector,

one Sandiacre CP 500 case packer,

one Endoline case closer

one case elevator/conveyor.

The line has been used for frozen vegetable, but it can be used to a lot of other products



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