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Dairy mini plant 1800 L-h

Item: D-0766-Mini Dairy plant


Complete Dairy plant for diverse Milk and Cheese products, very nice condition. Line situated in EU country.


Capacity pasteurization of milk: 1.800 L/h maximum capacity 2.000 L/h. Holding time 16 and 33 sec. at 76 dgr.




-Receptions milk tank 5000 L (with cooling)


-Pasteurization plant for milk 1.800 L/h -max. 2.000 L/h complete unit
Consist of: -Plate exchanger Priamo Italy,

-Separator Seital Italy, -Samson steam valve,

-Control box with print function,  -Pneumatic APV valves,

-Double Holding cell (milk and yoghurt), -Balance tank,

-Pumps etc. - Mounted at Stainless Steel frame!)

-Cheese vat double jacketed 3.000 L, with agitation and platform


-Fermentation tanks 1X 500 L + 1 X 1.000 L  


-Butter Churn 1.000 L 


-Prepress unit APV and after press unit horizontal type (one item)


-Round cheese moulds Ø28 cm a' 1,2-1,6 kg 


-Rectangular cheese mould a' 2 kg 


-Ice Water basin


-Salting vat for cheese 


-Cooling exchanger 15 m3 


-Shelves for maturing og cheese 


-Heater Water boilers 2700 kcal x 2 


-Vacuum and packing machines 


-Laboratory equipment


-Other dairy equipment

Dairy has been used for milk and cheese production



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