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Mini Container Dairy-plant

D-07780-Fresh Milk dairy plant

Mini Dairy plant mounted in 3 pieces Isolated 20 foot container for food production.

From 2016. WORKING HOURS ONLY 1200!!

Two doors, a little wider to have the option of bringing in pallets and a walk-in door.

Stainless Steel floor drain

Room temperature control

Pasteur 250l / h with flow meter, cover valve and data Collection

Buffer tank 250 liters, agitated and chilled

Filling Line for PET bottles with on and relieves tables

Label machine with Date printer 

Screw Capper

Cooling container 20 feet, isolated For storage of
finished product

Storage container 20 feet, uninsulated For storage of empty packaging before filling

More photos at link:

 Very easy to dismount and move to other location!



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