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Aseptic Filling machine Elopak

Item: Elopak-US80A

Filling machine: Elopak U-S80A , 

Pure-Pak Classic Aseptic with PT2U cap

Production Hours 36837, year 2004 Pure-Pak Classic Aseptic with PT2U cap

Cap applicators: 3x PLA-S30 #22090, #22091, #22092 year 2004

Carton conveyor: Fredriksons  according to layout year 2012

Tray/lid machine: NoReg 2x5

Spare part kit

The machine has been in production to 2019 and was dismantled q3 2019

Machine speed: Maximum 8100 cartons per hour (mechanical capability) Selectable speeds: 7900, 7700, 7500, 7300, 7100 and 6000 cartons/hour

Standard Carton sizes: 500ml, 750ml, 1000ml

More technical details can be provided upon request.

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