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Cold Water Deaeration Derox.

Item: A-9500-APV-Deaeration-Derox

Product Type: 2 step Water DEAERATION SYSTEMS Improve your beer and juice quality with the Derox Deaerator.

Can be used also in other food industry!

Deaeration can be performed by two different systems - cold (Derox) or hot (Derox+) deaeration. Derox cold deaeration achieves low oxygen levels with low capital outlay and running costs. 

Field of application 

  • Beverage
  • Brewery industry


  • Constantly low oxygen content of 50 ppb at 12°C (54°F)(below 30 ppb at >20°C (68°F), measured as a standard deviation)
  • Continuous monitoring for required specification
  • Low running costs
  • Easy integration with existing lines
  • Space-saving design (high capacity/m²)
  • Variable capacity and high turn down
  • Independent of water inlet temperature (optional)
  • Variable deaeration levels
  • No rings and plates inside vacuum tanks
  • Fully CIP-cleanable
  • Capacity: 100 hl/h