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Dairyplant 3000L

Item: D-0555-Dairy plant 3000

Complete Dairy plant for diverse Cheese production, very nice condition. EU 
Capacity pasteurisation of milk: 3.000 L/h
Capacity pasteurization cream: 800 L/h

-Receptions milk tanks 3X5000 L
-Whey tank 4.000 L
-Pasteurisation plant for milk 3.000 L/h -(Fisher)
-Pasteurisation plant for cream 800 L/h (Fisher)
-Cheese vat closed type 2.000 L, double - O type
-Cheese vat for quark/white fresh cheese 2 X 2.000 L (Schulenburg)
-Fermentation tanks 2 X 800 L + 1 X 500 L
-Butter Churn 600 L
-CIP station
-Prepress unit
-After press unit Vertical type
-Round cheese moulds a' 1,2 kg
-Rectangular cheese mould a' 2 kg
-Ice Water basin 14 m3 
-Cooling exchanger 15 m3
-Cooling exchanger for whey 2 X 800 L
-Shelves for maturing og cheese
-Vacuum and packing machines
-Laboratory equipment

-Filling machine
-Other dairy equipment
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