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Vertical Vacuum - Sterile Jacketed Tank 29 m3

Item: A-11788-Vertical-Tank29m3
Stainless steel Vertical tank with cooling jacket,

Sterile / Aseptic tanks with full vacuum and pressure.

Exterior dimensions: Dia Ø 2686/2940 mm Total H ca. 8000 mm incl. agitator.

Stainless steel tanks - 2 pcs.

Cooling jacket bottom and 3200 mm cylinder.

Pressure -1.0 / +3.0 bar.

Manhole at top and CIP.

Incl. instruments.

Powerful topmounted agitator.

Year 2008.

Brand: J. H. Stålindustri A/S.

AISI 316.

Drawing after request!


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