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Cryovac Octopus VR 8600B-18 Rotary Vacuum Packaging Line


Used Rotary Vacuum Packaging LIne

Complet line like description.

From 1999.

The Cryovac Furukawa 8600B-18 Series is a vacuum rotary chamber packer, ideal for vacuum packing Cheese, Fish, Poultry, meat and other.

The machines in the CRYOVAC VR 8600 series belong to the range of highly advanced CRYOVAC vacuum packaging machines with rotating chambers. The VR 8600 is the latest high productivity model in the 8600 series. Its main features are the following:

- 6 rotating chambers ensure a constant supply of products with variable speed up to 30 packs/min.

Transition to products, different shapes and dimensions, happens quickly and without the use of special tools.

"Soft" reading for delicate products.

The table has been designed for a light and easy

ning of products at high speed.

Bag width up to 450 mm.

On request: vacuum adjustment system (DC version) for particularly delicate products.

Reliable, solid and easy to operate.

Simple cleaning and maintenance procedures that comply with international health standards.

Line congestion of:
- 1 pc- BL19 Semiautomatic bag filling machine
- 1 pc- Furukawa 8600B-18, incl. X143 Bagneck extrator
- 1 pc- ZB20 Automatic Tack controlled infeed
- 1 pc- ST98 Shrink Tunnel, incl. steam extrator
- 1 pc- TB10 Conveyor mash type 400x1000mm
- 2 pc- Busch Vacuum pump 630 m3
- 1 pc- Bosch Booster pump 2.000 m3
Complet line still installed and can visited for inspection.
For any other information and extra photos or video please don't hesitate for contact us.
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