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  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How old is your company? Our company has been operational since 1998.
  2. Is it possible to visit and inspect the machines? Yes, visits can be scheduled to inspect the machines. Most are located in our three warehouses in Denmark, unless otherwise specified in our offers. Some machines may still be with their owners, and this will be arranged prior to your visit.
  3. Can you assist me during my visit? Certainly. We can arrange accommodation near our office and also provide pickup service from the nearest airport.
  4. What are the standards for warranty periods and conditions? We offer warranties only on refurbished machines. Used machines are sold without a guarantee, with prices adjusted accordingly. New machines come with the standard factory warranty.
  5. Can you assist with installation? If required, we can recommend companies for equipment installation at your premises. Availability depends on the distance and country.
  6. Can you help with new lines and machines? Absolutely. With a clear description of your needs, we can assist in selecting new or used machines to create a complete line.
  7. Can I sell used machines to you? How does it work? Generally, yes. It depends on the machine type and location. We can often assist in selling your machines, as detailed in our contract.
  8. Do you also offer new machines? Yes, we have partnerships with several manufacturers for selling new machines in specific world regions.
  9. What documentation will I receive with the machines? You'll receive the original invoice, transport documentation, and, if available, the original machine documentation. If not, we will request it from the manufacturer.
  10. Can you organize transport and transport insurance? Yes, these services are available at additional costs, which must be agreed upon before ordering.
  11. Can I pay by letter of credit (L/C)? Yes. The terms (confirmed, irrevocable) are set by the Bank, and the L/C draft must be approved by our bank. For truck transport, confirmation is case-specific. Be aware of additional costs from both your bank and ours.
  12. How safe is it to trade with you? Trading with us is secure. Our company has been a well-known, reliable entity in the global machine market since 1998 and holds an AAA credit rating.