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Filling machine Galdi RG270 UCS

Item: Galdi RG270UCS

Used Filling machine: Galdi RG270UCS, for the inline forming, filling and sealing of Gable Top cartons.

Pure-Pak Classic with Crew Cup

Production year 2015 Pure-Pak Classic

Ultrasonic Screw Cap Applicator moved by servomotors, many spare parts incl.

The machine has been in production to 2021 and was dismantled q2 2021.

Carton size 70 x 95 mm,  1500 ml

Speed up to 7000 cartons per hours Filler Volumetric piston filler + Bottom up

Length 7715 mm Width 1500 mm Height 3655 mm

More technical details can be provided upon request.
We offer two pieces identical machines.
Link for video from producer:

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