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Cooking Vat Sous-Vide

Item: J-4248-Sous-Vide

Sous-vide cooking has many advantages in the commercial kitchen.

The sous-vide cooking method cooks food under vacuum which contributes to the preservation of the product.

Sous-vide cooking consists of cooking a vacuum-packed product. The food is prepared and vacuum-packed. Then the product is cooked in a water bath until the desired temperature is reached. Meat that requires a crust must be fried or baked either before or after the sous-vide cooking.

Vacuum prepared products have longer shelf life and the cooking bags retain aroma and overall quality of the food offering a full taste experience.

In commercial kitchens the sous-vide is essential in achieving unique operational profits.

We have to offer three pieces never used Sous Vide:

1. Kg per batch 126 kg, Length (mm) 1764, Width (mm) 1304, Height (mm) 1094, power 35 kW

2. 2 pieces same capacity = Kg per batch 196 kg, Length (mm) 2164, Width (mm) 1304, Height (mm) 1094, power 42 kW

Complete with cooling units.



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