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APV Rotor Lobe Pump DW5

Item: A-10392-APV- Lobepump-DW5

Stainless Steel Rotary Lobe Pump APV

Type: DW5-142-15

Brand: APV 

Serial no.: 10006142

Motor: 11 kW. - Max. 15 Bar

The DW pump is designed for ultra-hygienic applications. The range consists of 26 models with capacities ranging from 3 liters/100 revs to 1,016 liters /100 revs (0.8 gal/100 revs to 268 gal/100 revs) and pressures up to 30 bar (435 psi). All product contact parts are made from AISI 316L stainless steel and all elastomers comply with FDA-requirements.