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Cardboard Multipack Sleeve Machine SMI

Item: M-8933-SMIFLEX-MP150TR


The MP series includes automatic machines for the packaging of plastic, metal, cardboard and glass containers in overwrapping cardboard sleeves.

MP series packers can achieve an output up to 150 packs per minute, depending on the product to be packaged. Low or medium capacity containers can be packed in OTT (Over The Top) or NT (Neck Through) style.

For shaped products, the pack can be strengthened by adding a top/bottom retaining flap which keeps the containers steadier inside the cardboard sleeve; furthermore.

The pack collations can vary according to the containers shape and dimensions; in general, the most requested collations are: 1x3, 1x4, 2x2, 2x3 and 2x4. All MP models feature an electronic grouping system; the changeover is manual.
Cardboard sleeves with flap
Stacked packs
Pack with handle
Cardboard sleeves - Over The Top (OTT)
Cardboard sleeves - Neck Through (NT)

Machine has been used only 250 hours!

From 2011!



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