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Ecolean Filling line for bags

Filling machine for liquid in bags with Straw apricator

Item: A-Ecolean-EL2, Brand: Ecolean 

Type: EL2 A-2160402 Machine no.: 427

Type: EP2 A-2500200 Machine no.: 25036

Year 2010

Connection: 400V  50Hz  6kw 

Output: 5400 U/h

Volume (Max): 450 ml

Volume (Min): 200 ml 

Other Specifications: Ecolean EL-2 bag filling line, year 2010

Capacity: 5400 packages/hour (200ml and 250ml) and 5000 packages/hour (450ml)
Product shelf life:
- For pasterized milk and butter milk 10-14 days
- For yoghurt 30 days

Volume: 450 ml, 250 ml and 200ml



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