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HAMBA BK 6005/5 cup filling

Item: AJ-Hamba BK6005/5

Filling machine for cups

HAMBA BK 6005/5 cup filling and sealing machine
Made in Germany
In good used condition.
The machine can be used for filling yogurt and similar products in cups.
Capacity: 8000 - 10000 cups/ h
Lanes: 5-Lanes longitudinal machine
Actual Cup-size: Ø 75 mm
Height: 90 mm
Main Filler: - manufacturer: Hamba
- filling range: 100 cm³ to 250 cm³;
- cleaning: CIP-able
Closure: Sealing
Date Device: Stamp
Measurements (lxwxh): 4,3 m x 1,3 m x 2,2 m
Power: 380 V; 21 A; 8 KW



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