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Lactoscan Milk Analyser Type MCC-WS

Lactoscan Milk Analyser Type MCC-WS

 D-Lactoscan Type MCC-WS

Fabrics NEW!

      1. User-friendly ultrasonic milk analyzer: simple in operation, maintenance, calibration and installation;

      2. Designed for use in Laboratories and Milk Collection Centers;

      3. Integrated 7" fully functional display;

      4. Ultrasonic stirrer;

      5. Cleaning with peristaltic pump;

      6. Portable and compact design;
      7. Very small quantity of milk required;
      8. Low power consumption;
      9. No use of hazardous chemicals;
      10. Measuring accuracy adjustment can be done by the user RS232 Interface;
      11. ESC POS Printer Support;
      12. Two samples self-calibration;
      13. Easily readable results;
      14. Possibility of connecting pH probe;
      15. Integrated pH and conductivity measuring;
      16. Function Real time clock;
      17. RS232;
      18. USB flash drive;
      19. One year full warranty.
      20. Dimensions (W x D x H): 280x245x250 mm Weight < 5kg Plastic cover box

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