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Ultrapac 2000 Donaldson


purification package with heatless adsorption dryer, pre-, afterfilter and condensate drain.

Features Ultrapac 2000 series:


Purification package complete with pre-, afterfilter and condensate drain.

Turnkey System, no additional installation cost; all components from one hand, therefore perfect technical match

Desiccant in cartridges

Easy storage, transport and Installation; optimum fixa- tion of desiccant; no risk of fluidizing of desiccant

Compact, space saving design

Installation in smallest spaces, possible also as retrofit

Component exchange display

High operating safety, due to calculation of optimum exchange point for filter elements and desiccant cartridges.

Unique Multifunction Block

All moving parts and all electronic components integrated in a function block, therefore easy and efficient maintenance



Features Ultrapac 2000 Superplus:


Intermittent operation standard

Link between dryer and compressor possible on central applications, therefore saving of regeneration air

Throttle package

By means of enclosed throttle package and automatic adaptation of the control at inputted operating conditi- ons, an optimal regeneration air consumption and a maximally possible flow according to the correction fac- tor table within the total range of 4-16 bar (g) and 25- 50°C is reached

Load control

Adjustment of adsorption cycles to the actual inlet water load, therefore saving of regeneration air and reduction of operating cost


Sensor-controlled monitoring of regeneration
air flow, therefore without-gap-monitoring of dryer functions and of system pressure

Text Display

Display of all operating status, of fault indication and maintenance intervals in clear text messages


Serial interface for transmission of alarm- and mainte- nance messages


Online calculation of optimum exchange point of filter elements by continuous evaluation of energy cost versus cost of replacement filter element

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